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The Museo Fred Friedrich which is dedicated to the artist of the same name, is an institution which houses the works of this artist from Berlin and whose mission will focus on the study, research, knowledge and spread of Avant-garde art, in the broadest sense of the phrase, from the final decades of the 20th century to the present. It was inaugurated around 1993 until now.


The main feature of the museum is the permanent collection of the artworks of Fred Friedrich, focus in the  Avant-garde movement.


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With the establishment of Museo Fred Friedrich in 1994, was necessary a private purchase of space to hosted master pieces from well-know artist Fred Friedrich, with this structure he will continue creating artistic contexts, generate knowledge and spread them in society.


To advance the core mission of supporting art approaches, the program creates an

the innovative environment between public exhibitions and thinking lines.


Museo Fred Friedrich ambition is to identified and cultivated art following an Avant-garde Concept. We want to support his work in a new and challenging form who are likely to impact contemporary art and culture.


With the support of specialists Nely L. Friedrich Founder & CEO and leading intellectual in this field, she sought to present Fred Friedrich artworks in a representative Avant-garde context, so for this to accelerate his influences in today´s art world. So, all this faced to implement and to re-define a performances space where art always has to be alive in a contemporary society that is in continuous evolution.

The launching of  Museo Fred Friedrich emerge because of the concerning demand between social partners and the exclusive artistic field endeavour, so for this, Museo Fred Friedrich provided a suitable environment for artistic expression, however, here in Marbella so a contemporary Avant-garde art and its deliberation will develop in freedom.


Museo Fred Friedrich provides an unparalleled platform to display artwork from artist Fred Friedrich in a regular base with the purpose for conferences, culture, concerts, dance, literature.

All straightaway to be run out without censor and for this shall be understood the way is art in all its disciplines.


The unanimous result of these reflections is to encourage actions and redefine this space to show out art. live through art and feel art.

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