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Museo Fred Friedrich

Poligono La Campana 2

 Marbella Spain.



Monday to Friday 12:30 p.m. - 17:00 p.m.

Call for Appointment

Free Admission

For further information about  Museo Fred Friedrich.

(Fred Friedrich, permanent or temporary collection), or  about our current activities  please contact us

Nely L. Friedrich

Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation

Alfredo Mendoza

General Assistant

Glory R. Mayer

Chief Operating Officer


Jorge Luis López R.

Assistant Treasures

Hildegard Hagedorn

Curatorial Externals Affairs

Tel: 951-319940
Fax: 951-319940

WhatsApp: +34 645451033

Pet Friendly

Kind and well behaved dogs are welcome (Owners of potentially dangerous dogs will have the responsibility to comply with the applicable law in public places - muzzle and leash mandatory. Museo Fred Friedrich reserves the right to enter the animals.)

Health and safety


COVID-19 vaccination and masks are no longer required, but strongly recommended for all visitors to the Museo Fred Friedrich.

Your health and safety are our priority, however we cannot guarantee you won’t be exposed to COVID-19. By entering Museo Fred Friedrich you assume the risk of such exposure.

If you feel sick or have a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, fever, chills, loss of smell, or muscle pain, or if you have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your health care provider and please do not visit Museo Fred Friedrich.

A safe space for our community

At Museo Fred Friedrich, we celebrate creativity, openness, tolerance, and generosity. We aim to be an inclusive place—both onsite and online—where diverse cultural, artistic, social, and political positions are welcome.

We’re committed to working together to create a safe experience for our team and visitors, and our professionally trained frontline staff are here to help you. We have a zero-tolerance policy for individuals who endanger staff, visitors, artwork, or any Museum property, or who engage in verbal or physical harassment, discriminatory or threatening behaviour, or otherwise interfere with the experience of others. The Museum will refuse or revoke admission to individuals who violate these policies.

For everyone’s safety, please follow the instructions of security officers.

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