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The Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation in Berlin is the public office in charge of preserving the work and legacy of the German artist. It was founded in 1993 and since then it has been in charge of the Museo Fred Friedrich, and Kunsthaus-Berlin, which has more than 10000 Friedrichian documents, such as artworks, sculptures, installations, photography letters, writings or scores of the artist. In 2016 they began to digitise their huge collection to, about six years later, make them public on their website to all Friedrich scholars and fans, a material that until then could only be consulted physically in Marbella and with prior permission.

We are pleased no introduce this essential type of publication in the field of art and cultural heritage is the "catalog." Art catalogs are designed to thoroughly document art and cultural objects and help researchers track what artworks exists, where they currently are located, and where they've been since the creation until the current time.

Authenticity Guarantee

At Museo Fred Friedrich Design Place, all of the designs we sell are curator-approved and authentic. We ensure the integrity of our products through research and by working closely with the designers. Our products embody the spirit of good design objects in Museo Fred friedrich´s collection. Some of them are actual designs represented in the Museum's collection.


Your purchase supports the work of Museo Fred Friedrich Official website Museo Fred Friedrich.

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